The method is simple: you provide a requirement (drawing, setting materials, parts list) and we are using our offices in China to supply the product.

About OVT:

OVT International Trade Ltd. was established in 2013 to meet the growing need for purchasing, manufacturing and assembly of printed circuits, components and assemblies for European technology companies. In response to the customers’ demands, the company’s activities have developed in Israel as well as in various fields of procurement. OVT has a high-quality supplier system in China for a variety of technologies including printed circuit boards, component purchasing, metal works, plastics, aluminum castings, electronic assemblies and more. The company has two centers of activity in China, which include Israeli employees who manage ongoing activities with customers and suppliers.

OVT production technologies:

  1. Production of injection molds for aluminum and plastic.
  2. Pulling profiles of aluminum and plastic (extrusion).
  3. Plastic injection, silicone injections and aluminum injection.
  4. Machining and engraving for all types of materials.
  5. “Stamping, bending, punching and cutting of metals (manufacture of electronic packaging)
  6. Coatings: anodize, alodine, zinc, chromium nickel and more.
  7. Wet paint and powder.
  8. PCB manufacturing.
  9. Purchasing electronic components.
  10. Final assembly of products.
  11. Purchased a range of: cosmetic, magnets and magnets, panels for refrigerating rooms, travel bags, pizza cartons. Each purchasing arc

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