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from the simplest to the most complex, all spectrum procurement needs in one place

Working worldwide

We conduct business relationships all over the world, giving us the ability to supply any product anywhere.

Bulk orders

OVT can take on any order, as well you can get samples for the products.

Tailor made products

Our expertise: Turning projects into products. Production in any quantity, from samples to mass production.


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OVT International Trade Ltd

How to make global procurement without straining?

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  • PCB, electronic packaging, TK solutions for the world of electronics, plastics, jars and bottles for cosmetics, magnets, electro magnets, pizza cartons, backpacks, We manufactured and satisfied our customers.
  • From the manufacture of inspection boxes to pipes in Europe to the production of heat-fans for lamps in Israel. From production will back to a travel company to manufacture dental mirrors for worldwide marketing. Every purchasing dream becomes an operational reality.